Nick Kokonas’s Official Word On Alinea 2.0

The thing with dangling a juicy bit of gossip like, oh, a report on a rumored Alinea offshoot is that it’s going to leave us wanting more. So I went to the source. Straight from the horse’s mouth Nick Kokonas’s email:

All I can say for sure is that the food will be very different than Alinea and very, very good and that we will break new ground in terms of how people perceive pricing a meal and the reservations process – which in my opinion is terrible for both the public and the restaurants’ management.

I also think I might have a sneaking suspicion what the restaurant’s going to be called — and no, Mike, I highly doubt they’ll go with Aenila, as adorably Cantu-esque as that might be. Next!

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[Photo via the Alinea website and my own personal mad MS Paint skillz]

Nick Kokonas’s Official Word On Alinea 2.0