Name the Cactus Sap From Monday’s No Reservations Premiere and Win an Autographed Poster


Monday’s premiere of No Reservations looks to be an excellent one, as Tony travels through Mexico with the executive chef at Les Halles, Carlos Llaguno. If you don’t want to know anything more, don’t watch the preview video or read any further. But if you do want to win a poster autographed by Tony Tony Tony himself, read the following preview summary, just in from the Travel Channel, and be the first to tell us the Spanish name of the “cactus sap” in question.

Anthony heads to Mexico with Carlos, who took over his old position of head chef at Les Halles in New York City. While in Mexico, Tony is treated to “the best tortillas ever,” along with food from a quaint cantina in Mexico. He explores the local culture by visiting a Lucha Libre training center, and travels down the river as the Aztecs used to and happens upon quite a creepy scene. The episode also includes Tony drinking some suspicious-looking fermented cactus sap and feasting on a homemade meal from Carlos’s family in Puebla.

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No Reservations: Mexico Preview [Travel Channel]