Murray’s Bagels Co-Founder Set to Open Leo’s Next Week


Adam Pomerantz, co-founder of Murray’s Bagels, tells us that pending one last visit from ConEd, he’ll open Leo’s Bagels in the financial district early next week. (Between this and Chinorico, the “Spanish-Asian tapas–wine bar–beer hall,” the neighborhood is really looking up!) Murray’s devotees can expect pretty much the same menu of smoked fish, coffee, and of course a variety of bagels that are hand-rolled and baked on-site. A couple of novelties: A salad named the Leo (after Pomerantz’s uncle) will combine egg salad, lox, and onions; and a baker’s dozen will be called a “broker’s dozen.” Oy. As with Murray’s, Pomerantz’s wife, Joanne Robinson, designed the store, so this won’t be a, ahem, hole-in-the-wall — Pomerantz has sprung for subway tiles, a floor of bagel-shaped mosaics, and even takeout bags meant to appeal to Wall Street guys. (“Is that a bagel in your pocket?” asks the Victorian dame.)

Leo’s Bagels, 3 Hanover Sq., nr. Stone St.; 212-785-4700