Missy Robbins on A Voce, Present and Future

Photo: The Feed

Despite being one of Obama’s fave chefs, we haven’t heard much from Missy Robbins since she took over at A Voce. Now she tells the Feed that the restaurant’s Time Warner location, set to open in the spring (maybe May), will have an antipasto bar, a better view of Central Park, and new menu items. At the current location, she has added a new weekly $32 prix fixe lunch as well as à la carte items such as a spaghetti carbonara with duck egg and La Quercia guanciale, a chestnut pasta with butter and black truffles, and a ricotta gnocchi with lamb ragù. A new pastry chef, Emeril protégé Jennifer McCoy, is also adding new desserts such as zuppa inglese with layers of hazelnut brittle, gianduja mousse and chocolate cake; and a vanilla panna cotta with Meyer lemon and thyme.

Q&A; with Obama’s favorite chef: A Voce’s Missy Robbins [Feed/TONY]