Mascots and Puppets Take Over Monkey Town and Odessa Bar


Two of our favorite weirdos are on the loose again. First, Thu Tran tells us that shell be premiering the new episode of her surreal, wacky-puppet cooking show, Food Party, at Monkey Town on January 11. The plot of Baguette Drama is vague and intriguing: Our host goes through some drama with her beloved baguette. Andrew W.K. does a voice-over. Sounds amazing, right? But please, no Thu Tran stalkers.

Meanwhile, Nate Hill, the reformed rogue taxidermist and Chinatown garbage guide, has launched Club Animals, a secret society of mascots. At the clubs first meeting at Odessas bar on January 17 the NYU Bobcat will conduct an informative mini-lecture. If you cant get a Philly Phanatic costume off eBay before then, rest assured there will be an AnimalCon (a mascot bar crawl) in April. And now, we return you to reality.

Food Party Episode 4 [Monkey Town]
Club Animals [Official site]