Mascots and Puppets Take Over Monkey Town and Odessa Bar

Still from "Baguette Drama."
Still from “Baguette Drama.” Photo: Food Party Episode 4

Two of our favorite weirdos are on the loose again. First, Thu Tran tells us that she’ll be premiering the new episode of her surreal, wacky-puppet cooking show, Food Party, at Monkey Town on January 11. The plot of “Baguette Drama” is vague and intriguing: “Our host goes through some drama with her beloved baguette.” Andrew W.K. does a voice-over. Sounds amazing, right? But please, no Thu Tran stalkers.

Meanwhile, Nate Hill, the reformed rogue taxidermist and Chinatown garbage guide, has launched Club Animals, a “secret society of mascots.” At the club’s first meeting — at Odessa’s bar on January 17 — the NYU Bobcat will conduct an “informative mini-lecture.” If you can’t get a Philly Phanatic costume off eBay before then, rest assured there will be an “AnimalCon” (a mascot bar crawl) in April. And now, we return you to reality.

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