Julia Kramer Makes Radhika Desai Cry

I was out to dinner with friends last night and, as is inevitable, we were talking about Top Chef. And one of the guys at the table literally put his hands over his ears because he didn’t want to get spoiled on what happened on this week’s episode. This is my way of saying: If you have not yet watched Wednesday’s episode, and you continue reading this entry, you will encounter a spoiler. And we’ll pretend that the post title isn’t one, also.

Radhika: do you know who wrote that blog?

Tamarkin: Julia Kramer is the writer who writes the recaps. Have you been reading those?

Yeah, I read it. Can you tell her it made me cry?

Oh really?

It’s pretty mean.

What’d she say?

She just said that I deserve to go home, and some mean stuff…and I mean, I’m very sensitive. I mean, not a big deal, but I read it and that’s what I think of it.

I read Julia’s Top Chef recaps and I basically fall over with delight. So, you know, to each her own.

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[Photo: Martha Williams for Time Out Chicago]


Julia Kramer Makes Radhika Desai Cry