Hudson Square Lunch Spot, Eet, Is Closed Like a Bad Clam


One Hudson Squares lunchtime go-to, Eet our own Cond Nast cafeteria closed over the New Year and is now a catering facility. Even if the coffee was better than at Inhouse Nosh (the knish canteen in our previous office building), Eets market-menu pretentions and loungy mod dcor (not to mention its ridiculous prices) were nowhere near as endearing. But it sure did a better job with fish than our new takeout spot, the normally reliable Just Delicious Deli check out the three barely opened mussels and the clenched-tight clam that probably added a pricey pound or two to our deli-buffet paella. Plus, we got stuck with an inexplicably detached shell-on shrimp tail Sure, its our fault for going with deli-buffet paella, but come on! We never thought wed almost miss a place that doesnt know how to spell the word eat.