Holiday Cocktail Lounge’s (Temporary?) Closure May Drive Us to Drink


Weve heard rumors that one of the citys perennial best dive bars, the Holiday Cocktail Lounge, has closed at least temporarily (Nate Hill had to move his mascot gathering from the location after he noticed it was shuttered last Friday night), and now Jeremiahs Vanishing hears that octogenarian owner Stefan Lutak is in the hospital. This news is beyond distressing, especially with the Holland Bar gone and the fate of Rubys hanging in the balance (Thor has now posted No Trespassing signs on its boardwalk properties). On the off chance you havent set sticky foot into the Holiday, you need only read JVNYs history to find out why it would be tragic if it, too, bit the dust. But lets not jump to conclusions Lucys, another Eastern European long-runner, gave us a scare last summer but is up and running again. Heres hoping Lutak bounces back and is snatching up everyone's half-empties again shortly.

Holiday Cocktail Lounge [Jeremiah's Vanishing New York]