Gordon Ramsay Not Exactly Banned From Batali’s Joints After All


You know, we wanted to believe Mario Batalis claim that Gordon Ramsay is banned from his restaurants, but something about the way he put it just didnt sit right Ramsay's people call trying to book tables and I say no. I wont have him in there. Really? Risking being banned from Batalis joints ourselves, we asked our intern, Hannah Geller, to call his restaurants and attempt to make a reservation for next Tuesday at 8 p.m., on Gordos behalf. Here are the results.

2 for 8 for Gordon Ramsay? Yes

Del Posto
2 for 8 for Gordon Ramsay? Yes

2 for 8 for Gordon Ramsay? Yes

Casa Mono
2 for 8 for Gordon Ramsay? No
Available time: 10 p.m.

The one snag we hit was at Babbo the reservationist told us that she couldnt make a 8 p.m. reservation, but she was sure the matre d' could accommodate us if we left a message. Sorry, Sir Ramsay doesnt wait! From our research, we can only gather that Gordo is perfectly welcome at Fanta Pantss joints, at least if he calls them directly. Then again, the Spotted Pig is a different beast entirely Maybe Mario is afraid that Gordo will knock him off?

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