Fatty February

Photo: Wined & Dined

Last night, several bloggers descended upon Cochon 555 to cover a heritage-pork competition between Mark Ladner (Del Posto), Juan Jose Cuervas (Eighty One), Bobby Hellen (Resto), Michael Clampffer (Mosefund Farm), and the winner, Corwin Kave (Fatty Crab). You can find reports here, here, here, here, and here, but props to Metromix for getting Zak Pelaccio Corwin Kave to come forth about Fatty Cue Fatty Crab UWS: “We got gas on the other day. We got these sick wok burners and have been messing around. But after staffing and friends and family, we’re thinking the 24th of February — but it’s not set in stone.” [Metromix]