Fancy Beer Goggles in the City and the Country

Find your favorite farmer.
Find your favorite farmer. Photo: Courtesy of Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

You might have to skip a few recession specials to save for two classy beer events later this month. On January 25, Blue Hill at Stone Barns holds its fourth annual sausage and beer fest “in the country” (the same event at Blue Hill “in the city” on Monday is sold out). Eat five courses celebrating local pigs with a slew of nearby farmers while downing artisanal brews for $190 a head. Daniel Boulud will preview beers from his as-yet-unnamed Bowery location at two dinners at Daniel on January 27 and January 28, each $135. The events are hosted by Samuel Merritt of the Civilization of Beer, an organization that promotes beer and fine dining. If you’re too buzzed to remember which cult farmer you met upstate, Blue Hill’s Website has a map with video clips identifying surrounding farms, including chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli’s Greenmarket favorite, Paffenroth.

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