ChefBlog Alert: Three Worth Watching

Maybe it’s a new years resolution thing, but the Chicago food blogosphere seems to be filled to bursting with new sources of reading material. Some new ones from folks who know their way around a set of knives:

First up! The aptly named Pleasant House: It’s a charming blog co-written by Art Jackson, chef at Bijan’s Bistro, and his wife Chelsea, author of a book I own. (You also might recognize them from a recent SFoB.) Their earnest-but-not-twee multimedia site — recipes for lilac sorbet, unexpected pairing suggestions like “ice cold coca cola” for mole, a video on whole-venison butchering — is already a wealth of enjoyable reading, and Art and Chelsea are updating it regularly.

Also worth adding to your radar is Eddie, who posts as “E L” on his site Cooking and Eating in Chicago. Like Hugh, he’s a former full-time kitchen jockey who’s finding his new creative outlet in an internet chronicle of the cookbooks on his shelf and every brand of bacon he eats.

Last, but certainly not least, Mike Sula at the Reader gave a heads up to all chefblogphiles to the existence of Food on the Dole. It’s the blog of chef Hugh Amano, and the “on the Dole” part of its title comes from the recession-relevant fact that he used to be a sous at Uncommon Ground, and now — well, now he has a blog.

Cooking and Eating in Chicago [Official Site]
Pleasant House [Official Site]
Food on the Dole [Official Site]
Bijan’s Bistro [MenuPages]
Bijan’s Bistro [Official Site]

[Photo: Venison and root vegetables, butchered and blogged by The Pleasant House]


ChefBlog Alert: Three Worth Watching