Can’t Stand Kids? Don’t Eat Here!


After debating tableside breastfeeding, the Breeder vs. Baller column at Fucked in Park Slope now addresses that old chestnut kids in Park Slope restaurants. Funny enough, its the mom who lays down the expletive-ridden rant, about the childless couple next to her. Though she admits her tykes can sometimes be horrendous, their behavior on this occasion was a mild 6 out of 10, yet the neighboring couple gave us BURNING stares, were shaking their heads, and just looked utterly disgusted the entire time, until finally they departed with the words spare the rod, spoil the child! Meanwhile, the Baller concedes you shouldnt go to places like Dizzys if you hate kids, and helpfully provides a list of other restaurants to be avoided at all costs.

* Pizza Plus
* Dizzys
* Bonnie's Grill
* Purity Diner
* Aunt Suzies
* Two Boots
* Red Hot II
* Grand Canyon
* Yamato
* Tutta Pasta
* Rancho Alegre
* Joe's Pizza
* Amin
* La Taqueria (go to La Taq now!)
* Uncle Moes

Most of these places were happy to steer clear of, anyway minus maybe Bonnies Grill. But this list doesnt go far enough. What about the places overrun by packs of tween skate brats? Smiling Pizza, for instance? And anyone have nonPark Slope additions?

BREEDER vs. BALLER: Your Kid's Fork Is In My Motherfucking Soup: Restaurant Wars [Fucked in Park Slope]