Café Select’s Back Room Opens Its Sidewalk Doors to the Public


So, Caf Selects back room formerly accessible only to the select few via the kitchen now has a sexy separate entry via a sidewalk grate and a long utility tunnel. Its open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and after one night in business, weve already heard a Beatrice regular refer to it as the new Beatrice. Well resist that comparison first, because look what happened after we went there with Chloe. And second, because the place is tiny. In fact, it feels something like a duplex studio with a damn good sound system. Plaster chips on the wall, webs of Christmas lights, a caged Edison bulb, and a U.S. Army No Trespassing sign give the low-ceilinged downstairs a gritty bunker vibe. A giant disco ball hangs over the stairs and the treehouselike upstairs loft is dotted, la Heathers, with art-class stools. Last night the door wasnt guarded, but expect that to change given the limited capacity.

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