Bourdain Plans to Mumble an Apology to ‘the Mother Teresa of the Food World’

Photo: Getty Images, Patrick McMullan

Anthony Bourdain addresses Alice Watersgate once again on his Travel Channel blog, and though he sounds repentant, he can’t help but get a few more jabs in.

The new guy in the White House has a lot on his plate — as a recent trip through America’s Rust Belt had just brought rather poignantly home. So I found the allegedly chronic non-voter Waters’ offer to head up a “kitchen cabinet” — an advisory board guiding the new administration to a new, organic, locavorean foodie Valhalla — well … presumptuous.

Particularly in light of the Normandy invasion of chefs, logistics and ingredients for the series of benefit meals which followed. I had a hard time visualizing all these guys foraging for vegetables in D.C. in January. The combined carbon imprints of these talented interlopers — alone … seemed at odds with the high minded sentiments in the letter.

Next thing you know, my comments are all over the blogosphere, attacking the Mother Theresa [sic] of the food world, viciously sinking my snaggled teeth into the shanks of St. Alice of Berkeley — possibly the most beloved and revered figure in the world of food.

This is made only more awkward by the fact that we’ll soon be appearing together in a panel discussion in Connecticut. I cringe, imagining myself in the green room, sheepishly extending a hand over the tuna wraps, Fiji water and complimentary spanokopita, mumbling something like, “Wow … like, sorry I compared you to Pol Pot. Perhaps that was a bit … excessive.” Next, I’ll be accusing Tom Hanks of cannibalism.

Meanwhile, Waters herself has yet to speak on the matter. But then, who needs her side of the story when Bourdain’s is this entertaining?