50 Henry Will Emerge From Its Shadowy Past, As a Wine Bar

Photo: Brownstowner

According to Brooklyn Heights Blog, 50 Henry Street will reopen as a breakfast-and-lunch spot (in late February) as well as a wine bar (by spring), to be jointly owned by the folks behind Cranberry’s and Henry’s End. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Paper lists the address’ old operator, Dan Kaufman (the “Busy Chef” manager accused of credit-card fraud), on its 2009 watch list: “This year, Kaufman’s trial will start — and his lawyer is saying that Kaufman is just a ‘patsy’ for shadowy Brooklyn Heights restaurant partner Alan Young, whose eateries fold like origami. This is going to be the trial of the century!” Well, not quite — but we’ll be happy if 50 Henry ends up being the wine bar of the century.

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50 Henry Will Continue as Wine Bar from Owners of Henry’s End and Cranberry’s [Brooklyn Heights Blog via Brownstowner]