Thor Puts Ruby’s and Nathan’s on the Market


The photo you see here, of our beloved boardwalk bar, Rubys, swathed in a FOR RENT banner, makes us want to walk into the water and never come back. Sadly, it looks even more likely that Rubys may go the way of the Thunderbolt, but not all hope is lost a message left by the bar on the message board indicates that it wont be over until the bearded lady sings.

OK gang Ruby's here no fear yet!!! THE POLAR BEAR PARTY IS STILL GOING ON!!!!! as of 6:10 pm 12-23.

We are suppose to receive the lease next week as far as amount he is requesting that we do not know until we receive the lease. Thor has not responded to our calls. We know he has spoken to other owners and we are all getting out leases next week. I will know more tomorrow afternoon after conference calls KEEP THE FAITH!! it may just be a tactic.

To make matters worse, its true Nathans (the boardwalk location, not the original Stillwell Avenue location) also got smacked with a FOR RENT sign. Coney Island developer Joe Sitt is looking very much like Ebenezer Scrooge right now. Heres hoping it isnt yet time to pour out a bottle of Coney Island Lager. via Gothamist
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