Supper Club Offers Costly Super-Exclusive VIP Access to Hamburgers


If you thought Culinary Insiders was going to be the hot membership-only supper club back when it gave us a pre-opening look at the Charles, this might just give you second thoughts — the club is hosting a $125 dinner in the private rec room of the Shake Shack’s Upper West Side location. We take it the Playland at McDonald’s wasn’t available? Someone who was available and will be schmoozing at the dinner: Our erstwhile editor Josh Ozersky! Anyway, the invitation ends with a bit of news (at least, to us) — apparently the rec room has a “Concreation Station” where you can “create and spin your own concretes with a mix ‘n chill machine, including a multitude of frozen custard flavors as well as assorted Shack-made toppings and mix-ins.” Right. For $125 (just $110 for members!), that totally beats Corton’s seven-course tasting menu…

Holiday Burger Bash at Shake Shack [Culinary Insiders]