Speakeasy Alert: Secret Bar Has Actually Been Kept Secret


That recent London Times article about underbelly bars and that Chicago Sun-Times piece about the same exact places didnt tip New Yorkers off to anything they havent known about forever. So props to Boozy NYC for sniffing out Woodson and Ford, a new underground cocktail speakeasy in the old Mr. Black space. So far, entry is via password that you receive via text, and "'issues with the city' need to be worked out if the spot is to be more than an event space," but its already serving cocktails and tapas, with a staff that Boozy NYC say is familiar to anyone who's been to Apothke, Tailor or Clover Club. And its just about ready to open on weekdays. Intriguing. The Mr. Black lair is one of the citys sexiest and most storied, so this is certainly promising question is, who do we text for that password?

Update: Like Boozy NYC, weve now gotten word from one of the mixologists: Woodson and Ford is a cocktail on the menu (which is very popular!) not the name of the space. There is no name as of yet. This is still being decided with our investors. Also, any mention of illegalities is libel. We have a legal liquor license. We are not yet open to the general public. The space is being used for private events and parties.

The Newest Secret Speakeasy [Boozy NYC]