Rohini Dey Helped Herself to Steve Hanson’s Leftovers


Intrigued by todays Observer article about Rohini Deys venture, At Vermilion, we asked David Hantman, the sales associate at Picken Real Estate who represented the sellers on the deal, what exactly Dey paid for the 12,000-square-foot Django space. He wouldnt tell us, but he did reveal that Steve Hanson originally pursued it at a price that was approximately 25 percent higher. By Hantmans account, Hanson even entered into contract with the sellers, but he was forced to take his business elsewhere when the landlord wasnt enthusiastic about his concept. So, major kudos to out-of-towner Dey for locking the restaurant down on the cheap, and over a much more notable operator. Wonder what that not-so-attractive Hanson concept was?