Reasons to Love New York, Food Edition

Tom Mylan, Williamsburg butcher.
Tom Mylan, Williamsburg butcher. Photo: Hannah Whitaker

In the magazine this week, we find plenty of reasons to love New York all over again. We love it because our hot-dog stands are political. Because within a six-block radius, you can buy groceries from all over the world. Or because guys like Tom Mylan are butchers with groupies. And because someone is making serious wine in Red Hook. All this and regular food news, too! The Underground Gourmet finds redeeming Irish pub food at Wilfie & Nell in the West Village. Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld I.D. three openings this week: Lower East Side cevichería La Barra; an electric-kitchen café in Prospect Heights called Ortine; and Choice Greene, a gourmet grocery in Clinton Hill. Tripe is in season this week, and chef Julie E. Farias of Beer Table shares her recipe for menudo. Finally, home cooks take note: Olio nuovo, new olive oil, is available for sale now at I Sodi in the West Village.