Pat La Frieda’s ‘Black Label’ Glamburger Is Finally Unveiled

Photo: Midtown Lunch

City Burger, which didnt exactly win over burger lovers when it first opened, has started serving the Pat La Frieda Black Label burger that weve been anticipating since August. After a bag reader furtively ordered it off the menu yesterday, a Midtown Lunch reader stops in today and offers a first report (as well as a photo!).

From a cheeseburger to cheeseburger comparison perspective, this is definitely worth trying. Yes its an expensive [$13] take-out burger but it tastes different. I cant tell you if it lives up to this black label hype, but it definitely has a completely different taste. If youre really into trying the various burgers in this city, you owe it to yourself to at least try this one.

So City Burger may yet succeed in winning the hearts and stomachs of the citys burgerphiles. But will this thing generate as much hype as the Irving Mill monster?

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