OMG! An El Bulli Reservation!

Ferran Adrià will soon cook dinner for Adam Roberts.
Ferran Adrià will soon cook dinner for Adam Roberts. Photo: Getty Images

We got our rejection letter from el Bulli last month, but not everyone was so unlucky. This morning, the Amateur Gourmet received word that — wonder of wonders — he scored a table in July. The good news sparked a bit of an online panic attack from Adam Roberts, who perhaps typed this while flinging a slice of pizza from a greasy brown bag so he could stop hyperventilating. “Holy s**t, how are we going to get there??? In every sense — how will we afford a trip to Spain!?!?? And how do we know if we’ll be free in July!?!?!? And if we do get to Spain, how the heck do we get to the restaurant??!?!” Take it easy, Adam. Start by reading A Day at El Bulli and then get a first-hand eating account from our own Jerry Saltz, who called his meal there “less dinner than performance art.” Then go and eat and tell us all about it.

The Ultimate Reservation [Amateur Gourmet]