New Blog Launches for Cocktailians and Simple Drunks Alike

Photo: iStockphoto

There’s a glut of restaurant blogs out there, but the category of straight boozing is a bit underrepresented. Sure, there’s myopenbar and MurphGuide, but they’re really just listings of specials. Blogs that cover nightlife without veering into the scenesterism of, say, Guest of a Guest, Down by the Hipster, and Chi Chi 212 are few and far between, especially since Citysearch’s Imbibe folded. And this when simple, gift-bag-free sorrow-drowning is on the rise? Anyway, we’re happy to report the launch of Boozy NYC. Truth be told, it focuses heavily on happy hours, too, but recent columns have included a rant against Irving Mill’s $8 beers and a side-by-side review of Ella and Elsa (“Clearly Ella is for cool people. I guess they can hope to find a clientele too cool for taste buds”). Welcome aboard, Boozy.

Boozy NYC [Official site]