Lesly Bernard’s Fall Projects Won’t Open for Another Month


In an interview with Steve Lewis, Lesly Bernard, owner of Mr. Jones and Tillman’s, recalls his formative days at Clementine and Pravda, and humors Lewis in the usual hand-wringing about the future of nightlife and bottle service. His comments about learning from Keith McNally are great (“when he’s snoring, I’m taking notes!”), but he doesn’t say much about his delayed projects, including the city’s first bacon bar. We checked in with his people and found out the following.

Permanent Brunch is at least four weeks out. Village Tart, his cocktail and dessert bar with Patti Jackson, is at least ten weeks out. And La Otra, his family-style Cuban joint, is at least twelve to fourteen weeks out. Confusingly, Bernard tells Lewis that Village Tart will come first (in about four weeks) and Premier Brunch [sic] will follow. Either way, it’ll be about a month before this class act strikes again.

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