Latest Sexy, Secret Basement Lounge (Macao’s) May (Sort Of) Open Tonight

Upstairs. Photo: Hannah Whitaker

Rumor has it that Macao Trading Co. is opening its downstairs lounge tonight. The official word is that it’ll launch either tonight or tomorrow and will be used mainly for private parties, meaning it won’t have set hours. My, aren’t they being secretive! Here’s Shecky’s with some description: “The small, sexy, opium-den like space, outfitted with ottomans, Chinese open lattice, and tasty cocktails, will also serve such deliciousness as Chinese pearl meatballs and Portuguese manila clams with choriço until 4 a.m.”

This Week in Nightlife: Macao Opens Downstairs Lounge, Game’s Up for Scores [Shecky’s]