Hugh Jackman and James Franco Give Props to Local Joints; Tina Fey Is Cagey About Cupcakes


Tuck Shop is majorly chuffed that Hugh Jackman, during a recent appearance on Fox & Friends, praised (and explained, for that matter) their meat pies and their lamington. At first he deems them too fancy and upper class, but a couple bites and hes sold. And were told that in the issue of BlackBook that hits stands December 9, cover boy James Franco outs himself as a fan of Smith & Mills and Chanterelle as well as, um, Bungalow 8? While were on the subject, we were amused to find out, in Tina Feys recent Vanity Fair profile, that shes a fan of the cupcake but if you were hoping for tips that are slightly more specific than Liz Lemons nonsensical outburst about where to find good ones in the city, youre out of luck.

Hugh Jackmans Aussie Eats [Fox News]