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Governor Paterson Anoints Himself Ayatollah of Cola

Governor Paterson Anoints Himself Ayatollah of Cola

As if we weren’t hit hard enough when the price of soda from our office vending machine went up a whopping thirty-five cents (that’s right, until recently we had fifty-cent sodas — a reason to love New York), Governor Paterson wants to impose a 15 percent “obesity tax” on non-diet colas. Oh hell no. You know, we weren’t going to tell you about Coca-Cola’s cool new NYC-only aluminum bottles because it just seemed too product-placement-y. But out of solidarity to this newly persecuted “liquid candy” (actually, we prefer “carbonated sugar water”), we’re now going to go ahead and point out that they’re available at just a few restaurants, like Strip House, Michael Jordan’s Steak House, and Cucina & Co., and for just a limited time, they’re now at Oh, and have you tried Red Bull’s “all-natural” cola, finally available here? Stuff is like crack. (Um, literally like crack, since it comes from coca leaves…) Buy it and guzzle!

Governor Paterson Proposes 'Obesity Tax,' a Tax on Non-Diet Sodas [NYDN]


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