Google Insight Blows Our Mind, Shows Shift From the Buddakans to the Momofukus


Google has given us a new toy to play with, Insights, and Young Manhattanite has used it to determine that Momofuku is among the top ten rising food and drink searches in the state of New York (aside from Crumbs, its the only local restaurant on the list along with terms like lollipop and buffalo wings). We played with Insights a little bit more, focusing specifically on the Restaurants category, and filtering results down with nyc. The results were pretty astounding.

New York Statess top restaurant-related searches of 2008:
Pizza pizza
Pizza hut
NYC restaurants

New York States top rising restaurant-related searches of 2008:

Bar Boulud +1,800 percent
Red Mango +750 percent
At T +700 percent
Yelp +250 percent
Jimmy Johns +140 percent
Subway menu +120 percent
Five Guys +110 percent
Public House +100 percent
Qdoba +80 percent
Pop Burger +60 percent

New York States rising searches of 2008 when filtered with nyc:
The Smith nyc +300 percent
Momofuku nyc +100 percent
Anthos nyc +100 percent
Pop Burger nyc +80 percent
Le Cirque nyc +80 percent
Public House nyc +70 percent
Westville nyc +60 percent
Havana Central nyc +60 percent

New York States rising searches of 2007 when filtered with nyc:
Public House nyc breakout (meaning "the search term has experienced a change in growth greater than 5,000%").
Perilla nyc +550 percent
Pinkberry nyc +500 percent
Waverly Inn +250 percent
Landmarc nyc +120 percent
Little Owl nyc +90 percent
Dos Caminos nyc +70 percent
Inoteca nyc +50 percent
Quality Meats nyc +40 percent
Open table +40 percent

New York States rising restaurant searches since 2004, when filtered with nyc:
Morimoto nyc breakout
Morimoto breakout
Buddha Bar nyc breakout
Buddha Bar breakout
Buddakan nyc breakout
Buddakan breakout
Menupages nyc +300 percent
Menupages +300 percent
Dos Caminos nyc +110 percent
Spotted Pig nyc +70 percent

So, wow, a big shift from 20042006, when the Spice Markets and Buddakans were the most searched for restaurants locally, to 20072008, when the Momofukus, little owls, and Spotted Pigs are all that. Of course, we knew that already. What we didnt know is that Public House is the most happenin bar in the city. Keep in mind this is only among people who arent smart enough to use for their restaurant searches!

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