Former Martha Stewart Chef Who Is Now at Ducasse Recommends Former Ducasse Chef for Martha Stewart Gig


Commenting on our Platt chat earlier today, Beecake asked, Even though I adore Martha, I found it hilarious that she was giving CHEFS a copy of her Cooking School book. Was this a subtle jab at the cheftestants? No idea, but how much home cooking does Martha even do these days? The bag heard earlier today that Tony Esnault, the chef who was bumped from Adour, is now serving as Marthas personal toque. He was recommended for the gig by Pierre Schaedelin, who just left Stewart for a gig at Ducasses other joint, Benoit. Dizzying! Its uncertain whether Martha welcomed Esnault with a copy of Cooking School.

Adours Tony Esnault Lands in Martha Stewarts Lap [Feedbag]