Dolce Vita Owes Landlord; Rocky Ride May Be Coming to an End


If there ever were a cursed restaurant space, it would be 181 Grand Street. In fall of last year, Da Domenico’s (a.k.a. Dom’s) closed due to “family problems,” and by December, it had been seized by the city. A few months later, Dolce Vita opened, but the owners tangled with the neighbors over their delayed liquor license and then turned on themselves. Recently, Dolce Vita closed (supposedly for renovations), and now, about a year after the landlord had Da Domenico’s seized, he has served the new restaurant with papers indicating that it’ll suffer the same fate unless it forks over $15,375 in back rent within three days. Sigh. We won’t be surprised if ATMs are the next thing to go into this space.