Did Jamie Oliver and Food Network Surprise Flatiron Lounge?

Photo: Getty Images

It seems the Food Network is planning a show where Jamie Oliver catches bartenders (and chefs?) off guard by giving them an ingredient and asking them to come up with drinks (and dishes?). The Life Vicarious was chilling at Flatiron Lounge when the Naked Chef and a camera crew asked the bartender to do something with hibiscus tea. Life Vicarious is pretty convinced that it was impromptu (the bar received a call that Oliver was dropping in and that was supposedly it), but let’s remember that Flatiron is known for its Hibiscus Swizzle in the first place, and Julie Rainer has a way with teas and hibiscus petals in general. But maybe the producers just did their homework?

Jamie Oliver Brings Surprise Ingredients, Food Network to Flatiron Lounge [Life Vicarious]