CB4 Shoots Down Noah Tepperberg, Blesses New Burger Rooftop


Last night, Marquee honcho Noah Tepperberg tried to assure Community Board 4 that he had met with neighbors about his proposed takeover of the Earth space, but at the end of the night he couldn’t convince them. Some felt that his outreach attempts were weak, and board members who are also nearby residents felt slighted that they weren’t contacted. (One of them said the whole thing was “just a bunch of trash.”) Younger members disagreed that Tepperberg had a poor track record at Marquee. After an extensive discussion as to whether or not denying Tepperberg would really do any good since the disliked Earth just renewed their license for another two years (a sound argument, it seems to us), the board voted, 19–16, to deny.

In happier news, the board voted in favor of a license for a new Rare locale with a retractable rooftop at 152 West 26th Street. Both of these matters will now go to the SLA, though Tepperberg had indicated earlier that he wouldn’t go forward with his project if it didn’t get CB approval.

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