Caviar, Skate, and Fine Wines: Strictly for the Tourists?

Photo: istockphoto

Looking at how Europeans are running rampant in restaurants across the country, Nation’s Restaurant News points out that the Modern has succeeded in selling higher-end wines by using a wine list that includes prices in euros. Europeans also frequently order a cauliflower panacotta, finished with Yellowstone River caviar, since they’re used to paying 55 euros for anything with caviar. Also, there’s this: “At South Gate in Manhattan, chef Kerry Heffernan finds international customers frequently order skate, a fish he says Europeans recognize.” Hmmm, so are Manhattan chefs going to start designing menus to European tastes? Probably not now that the European economy is also in trouble, but if skate suddenly becomes trendy, you know why.

Tourists Take American Restaurants by Storm [Nation’s Restaurant News]