Breaking Scandal: Kid Critic Caught Fraternizing With David Burke

Photo: YouTube

If your heart was warmed by the story of David Fishman, the 12-year-old amateur critic who got a movie deal after giving Salumeria Rosi a rating of 24 out of 25, you might just want to watch this clip from the Early Show. Fishman, blowing his cover even worse than Restaurant Girl, drops into the Hummus Place and gives it a mind-boggling 23 out of 25 stars. Docks Oyster Bar gets a 24 out of 25, too! How are these places scoring so high? Well, we find out when he sits down at davidburke & donatella and hobnobs with David Burke himself! Whoa dude, WTF??? Totally not kosher! And the place gets a 25 out of 25! Okay, kid, you still got the movie deal, but you totally blew that Beard Award…

Twelve Year Old Food Critic David Fishman on CBS Morning Show [YouTube]
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