Bar Q Gets in Touch With Its Bar Side

The old Bar Q.
The old Bar Q. Photo: Zach Desart

Anito Lo tells us that she’s closing Bar Q for a few days, and when it reopens, it’ll do more justice to the “bar” part of its name. Yes, finger food is involved, but don’t expect a bar bar — she’s softening the space up a little so it’ll be quieter and warmer. Where there were once four tables around a raw bar, there will now be seating at the bar itself. There will also be a selection of maki rolls, some of which will be traditional (spicy tuna) and others not so much: Lo describes one of them, a cone-shaped roll filled with salmon tartare that’s topped with granite, as a “fish ice cream cone.” Another contains eel and chestnut purée with water chestnut. There will also be a bar menu of plates that are $5 or less (buns, chicken wings, a single rib, and the like), as well as new cocktails such as a ginger-cachaça concoction (hmmm, ginger really is the new mint). We’ll give you a look at the new place when it opens on Thursday.