Another Table-Scalping Site, If You’re Okay With That


A sponsored post at RareDaily tips us off to CelebrityTables, a new table-scalping site (or if you prefer, “concierge service”). Cue company jargon: “With just a few simple clicks you can book the reservations you want, when you want them! As the celebrities do — Quickly, Effortlessly, Discreetly.” And it’ll only cost you $35 to $50! Available tonight: Prime tables at the little owl, Del Posto, Da Silvano, Double Crown, and Pastis!

Actually, the service has been around since at least September — has anyone used it? Did it work? We’re kind of amused by the emphatic note in the FAQ: “Do ‘NOT’ mention our name to a host/hostess for any reason.” Anyway, we’re throwing it out there as a desperate last-minute option (maybe even for all those people that, per the Observer, are using pricey concierge services less) but you might want to make sure you’re actually getting something special: Why shell out $35 for a 8 p.m. table at Allegretti when you can get an 8:30 p.m. one for free via OpenTable?

CelebrityTables [Official Site]