12-Year-Old Walks Out of Salumeria Rosi With a Movie Deal

Photo: New York Times

Remember the 12-year-old aspiring food critic who made everyone go awww by dropping into Salumeria Rosi and getting written about in the Times? He had a vague, oh-so-precious notion that he wanted to write for Zagat one day, and though that may not happen given recent layoffs at the company, that really doesn’t matter because kid has hit the big time. Variety reports that Lorne Michaels and John Goldwyn will be producing a feature adaptation of the story via the Michaels Goldwyn Co.: “Goldwyn said the food-critic article offered a recipe for a youth-themed empowerment film. He said that the producers may secure life rights of the subject, David Fishman.” You know who’s gotta be really jealous right now? This kid right here.

Paramount Acquires Kid Critic Story [Variety via Gawker]
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