Which Reservation System Is More Infuriating: Tom’s or Ko’s?


In an attempt to see which Tuesday reservation was harder to make, we logged on to the Ko site while dialing Tom: Tuesday Dinner at 10 a.m. sharp (the ol' Ticketmaster method). This is what happened.

There was a 9:10 p.m. table but when we clicked on it, the system told us someone else had already snagged it, and that all other tables were booked. No tables available for lunch.

We started dialing at 10 a.m., and over the course of dozens of calls we got busy signals, a message saying our call couldnt be completed, and another message saying the number wasnt in service. Craft told us it was because there were so many people calling in, and encouraged us to keep trying. After half an hour, we gave up.

Conclusion: Were going to say that both tables are equally impossible to score, and that Toms system is even more maddening than Kos.

Good luck with them!