Seamus Mullen Breaks NYC Dining Taboo, Calls Balthazar T***isty

Photo: Sam Horine, courtesy of Metromix

We’re as excited for Boqueria Soho as the next guy, but in trying to convince Metromix that there isn’t anything quite like it in Soho, Seamus Mullen does the unspeakable and says, “Balthazar is really a scene and a t***isty place.” Gasp! A t***isty place? Sure, there are t***ists at the Balth and plenty of them, but we don’t talk about that, Seamus. It’s an unwritten law. Kind of like pedophiles and the Catholic Church. Would Tribeca Grand creative director Tommy Soleil dine there, as he did last night, if it were a t***isty place? Hmmm? We’ll give Mullen the benefit of the doubt that he wasn’t casting aspersions on the sacred cow of New York dining — he probably just meant that folks go there for the scene. But then again, let’s not pretend that Boqueria Soho is going to be the quiet little tapas bar …

Q&A;: Seamus Mullen [Metromix]
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