Roasting Plant Coffee Goes West, Broaches Starbucks Territory

A new Roasting Plant will soon open on Greenwich Avenue.
A new Roasting Plant will soon open on Greenwich Avenue.Photo: Alexandra Vallis

Former Starbucks executive Mike Caswell is opening a second location of his Roasting Plant coffee shop on Greenwich Avenue in the West Village. Though the exact opening date of the new shop (located next to Two Boots) is unknown, windy conditions have blown the store’s cover. A tear in the brown paper reveals a similar set of clear tubes filled with beans that Rob and Robin described back when Caswell’s Lower East Side flagship opened in 2007. Look for organic, fair-trade, and regular (unfair-trade?) beans to go through Caswell’s patented grinding system. The interior looks set, so expect an unveiling soon. The Starbucks a few doors down is probably not too happy about this.

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