On the Matter of Will Goldfarb’s Whereabouts (WillAbouts?)…

Photo: Courtesy of PastryScoop.com

On December 3, the AIGA will throw a dinner, hosted by T deputy editor Christine Muhlke, that will explore the overlap between chefs and designers. Panelists include AvroKO, Dan Barber, and none other than Will Goldfarb, last seen jetting to Bali. His bio brings us the latest: “Goldfarb is currently developing WillEquipped, a collection of super hard-to-find tools for professional chefs. He lives with his wife Maria and daughter Loulou between Jackson Heights, Queens, and Bali, Indonesia.” Super-hard-to-find cooking tools, eh? We’re guessing he’s not talking about the Octodog frankfurter converter.

The Dinner Party: A Conversation about Food and Design [Official site]