Exclusive Excerpt: Le Bernardin’s Ben Chekroun Shares the ‘129 Cardinal Sins’ of Service


Like other cookbooks these days, Eric Riperts On the Line aint just a cookbook. The introduction promises a snapshot of how Le Bernardin works on a meal-to-meal basis: the whos, whats, wheres, whys, and most important, the hows (Le Bernardins lease expires in 2011, and Ripert wants to leave something behind, just in case). Hence, theres a glossary of terms, minute-by-minute timelines from the perspectives of the porter and the pastry line, copies of Riperts notes, a seating chart, a rundown of food costs and pantry ingredients, and, of course, recipes! Two of the books cooler aspects are the play-by-play cooking descriptions, complete with dialogue (Fire one surf-and-turf! Yes, Chef!), and the profiles of everyone from the saucier to the matre d. The latter, Ben A Little Sexiness in the Mood Chekroun, was one of our first Ask a Waiters, and were delighted to share, exclusively, the list of 129 cardinal sins that he gives to new employees.

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