New Top 100 List Tries, But Fails, to Identify No. 1 Muffuletta

Photo: From Flickr

Today brings yet another top 100 list of New York restaurants, as if the Platt 101 wasn’t the final word. Where the Locals Eat, a guidebook as well as an iPhone app, has granted Best Burger to Burger Joint, Best Deli to Barney Greengrass, you get the idea. Except — what’s this — a BEST MUFFULETTA category? Someone at Where the Locals Eat has seen fit to add this monster, rarely seen sandwich to the list of foods — pizza, sushi, hot dogs, etc. — that everyone and their mother have already weighed in on. There isn’t even a Best Sandwich category, but there’s a Best Muffuletta category! AS IT SHOULD BE. Except that when we click on it, we get an error message. Truth be told, we’ve never had a muffuletta here that’s as good as the original at Central Grocery in New Orleans, and Chowhounders seem to agree. Can anyone fill in this maddening blank? And don’t say Delta Grill.

New York Best Restaurants [Where the Locals Eat]