Food Blogger Wants Anthos Burger to Go for Less

The burger to beg for.

Bon Appétit’s pop-up café closed up shop Friday, ending a week of chef-created lunch specials, but Midtown Lunch has issued an open plea for Michael Psilakis to keep his $10 lamb-burger deal alive at Anthos. We’ve tried the $20 version on the Anthos menu and have to say it’s amazing, in a grease-dripping-down-the-corners-of-your-mouth sort of way (the sous-chef revealed it was wrapped in caul fat before cooking). Lunch describes Bon App's serving similarly "awesome (if you like the spices you’d find in a kofta kebab) … and perfectly complemented by the roasted red pepper/feta spread," but not worth a doubled price tag for the restaurant's fancier setting. So why not skip that part and offer the burger to go? Lunch suggests a "$10 lamb burger (with a small handful of fries), available for take out only. Even if it’s only one day a week…" We'd order it.

My Lamb Burger Plea to Michael Psilakis [Midtown Lunch]