Ken Friedman Will Not Be Damned by Frank Bruni Again!

Photo: Courtesy of John Dory Blog

While it waits for the gasman, the John Dory has posted more photos to its blog, and if you can believe it, there may just be more fish here than there are pigs at the Pig: seashell mirrors, fish posters, a mural in the private dining room, lobster-patterned stool covers, and of course a fish tank. Ken Friedman tells the Times of London that he hopes the place will go over well with the Times of New York: “Friedman is mildly obsessed with getting a good review from Frank Bruni, the paper’s feared critic, who has ‘damned’ the Pig with only one star. ‘And we’ve got that many Michelin stars,’ says Friedman, aggrievedly. ‘Friends tell me food critics take seafood very seriously, so April will be taken seriously as a restaurant chef if she can nail this seafood thing.’”

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