Gordon Ramsay Banging Pans in Another Woman’s Kitchen?

Say it ain't so, Gordo!
Say it ain’t so, Gordo! Photo: Getty Images

News of Gordon Ramsay’s explosive personality has been overshadowed by recent reports of bad behavior in love. The Post, repeating allegations made by British tabloids, says Ramsay has been having an affair for seven years with a “professional mistress” named Sarah Symonds, author of Having an Affair? A Handbook for the Other Woman. News of the World reported Sunday that Ramsay had sent Symonds to “London’s Soho to buy the (legal) sex drug amyl nitrate” three days previous and that the pair then had a “75-minute tryst.” Ramsay, married for a dozen years, has not commented on the allegations. Sounds like Gordo has a household nightmare on his hands. [News of the World via NYP]