Franny’s Owners Expand Into Brooklyn Larder

Photo: Robert K. Chin

In the spirit of their artisanal-product-loving locavore ways, Franny’s owners Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg plan to open a gourmet shop down the street called the Brooklyn Larder in March 2009. In addition to a full kitchen for Feinberg to prepare and package everything from sandwiches and lasagne to fried chicken for takeout or casual counter-noshing, the shop will stock the house-cured meats also found at Franny’s, as well as an international brigade of small-production cheeses and a hodgepodge of condiments and other foodstuffs. The Website,, should be up by week’s end. With a larder to browse, the hour-long waits for Franny’s airy pizza pies just got much easier.