Food Network Casting Inexperienced Restaurateurs for New Show

Will David Adjey be gentle or a jerk?
Will David Adjey be gentle or a jerk? Photo: Courtesy of Red Apple Entertainment

The Food Network is looking for inexperienced New York restaurateurs who plan to open a new venture here to star in Restaurant 101. Last spring the BBC ran a similar show, called Last Restaurant Standing, about competing first-time restaurant owners who could win financial backing. While you’re not promised dough here, Toronto chef and Restaurant Makeover host David Adjey will tell you how to improve your business model for no more than the cost of potential embarrassment and risk of villain-ization à la Gordon Ramsay. Of course, for effortlessly charismatic and/or attractive first-timers, the reward is basically a recession-rocking, hour-long commercial. Johnny Iuzzini, how’s that new project coming? See the full release below.


Are you opening your very first restaurant but you lack any real restaurant experience? Would you welcome the advice of a professional restaurant consultant?

If this is you, we want you to star in an episode of a exciting new TV series for a major food network. In every episode of this captivating and very real one-hour series, restaurant coach David Adjey provides first-time restaurant owners with the tools to open and run a successful business.

We are looking for compelling characters with good personal stories
and high stakes.Restaurant must be opening in November 2008-September 2009.

For more information please send an email