Fancy-Pants Chef and Manager Out at Kellogg’s Diner


Jay Espinal, the managing partner who planned to install a fancy mixologist and a Ferran Adritrained chef at Kelloggs Diner, tells us that hes no longer in the mix. We wanted to create a new atmosphere and do something more modern and current, he says, but I think what they want to do is run a basic diner. Chef Ren Hernandezs menu was in effect for about a week, but Espinal agreed to dissolve his relationship with the diner and is back to working with the chef at Don Pedros uptown. Espinal says that part of the reason the diners longtime owners (who werent reachable for comment today) got cold feet was that he wanted to hire a somewhat pricey management team, whereas they wanted to stick with their old staff. For anyone who liked the old Kelloggs, this is at least a small victory.